Signifies the gods of the lower world, in contradistinction from those of heaven, or from the Olympian gods. In Greek the Inferi are designated by the terms hoi katô, hoi chthonioi, hoi hupo gaian, hoi enerthe, or hoi hupenerthe theoi; whereas the gods of heaven, Superi, are termed hoi anô, hupatoi and ouranioi. But the word inferi is still more frequently used to designate the dead, in contradistinction from those living upon the earth (Apulei. de Mag. p. 69); so that apud inferos is equivalent to "in Hades," or "in the lower world." The Inferi therefore comprise all the inhabitants of the lower world, the gods, viz. Aides or Pluto, his wife Persephone, the Erinnyes, and others, as well as the souls of departed men. The gods of the lower world are treated of in separate articles.