The personification of happiness, to whom a temple was erected by Lucullus in B. C. 75, which, however, was burnt down in the reign of Claudius. (Plin. H. N. xxxiv. 8; Augustin. de Civ. Dei, iv. 18, 23; comp. Cic. in Verr. iv. 2, 57.) Felicitas is frequently seen on Roman medals, in the form of a matron, with the staff of Mercury (caduceus) and a cornucopia. Sometimes also she has other attributes, according to the kind of happiness she represents. (Lindner, de Felicitate Dea ex Numis illustrata, Arnstadt, 1770; Rasche, Lex Num. ii. 1, p. 956.) The Greeks worshipped the same personification, under the name of Eutuchia, who is frequently represented in works of art.