Or Skeirôn.

1. A famous robber who haunted the frontier between Attica and Megaris, and not only robbed the travellers who passed through the country, but compelled them, on the Scironian rock to wash his feet, during which operation he kicked them with his foot into the sea. At the foot of the rock there was a tortoise, which devoured the bodies of the robber's victims. He was slain by Theseus, in the same manner in which he had killed others (Plut. Thes. 10 ; Diod. iv. 59; Strab. ix. p. 391; Paus. i. 44. § 12; Schol. ad Eurip. Hipp. 976 ; Ov. Met. vii. 445). In the pediment of the royal Stoa at Athens, there was a group of figures of burnt clay, representing Theseus in the act of throwing Sciron into the sea. (Paus. i. 3. § 1.)

2. A son of Pylas and grandson of Lelex. He was married to the daughter of Pandion, and disputed with her brother Nisus the government of Megara ; but Aeacus, who was chosen umpire, decided that Nisus should have the government of Megara, and Sciron the command in war (Paus. i. 39. § 5). Other traditions called this Sciron the husband of Chariclo, and father of Endeis. (Plut. Thes. 10.)

3. [See ANEMI.]