1. A Trojan, a son of Antenor, mentioned in the Iliad. (xi. 59.)

2. An Ithacan, father of the suitor Eurymachus, was slain by the swine-herd Eumaeus. (Hom. Od. i. 399, xxii. 284.)

3. The son of Alcandra, at Thebes in Egypt ; he was connected with Menelaus by ties of hospitality. (Hom. Od. iv. 126.)

4. One of the Phaeacians. (Hom. Od. viii. 373)

5. The king of Corinth, by whom Oedipus was brought up. He was the husband of Periboea or Merope. (Soph. Oed. Rex, 770; Apollod. iii 5. § 7.) Pausanias (ii. 6. § 3), makes him king of Sicyon, and describes him as a son of Hermes and Chthonophyle, and as the father of Lysianassa, whom he gave in marriage to Talaus, king of the Argives. (Comp. OEDIPUS.)

6. The father of Glaucus by Euboea. (Athen. vii. p. 296.)