1. A son of the Titan Crius and Eurybia, and husband of Asteria, by whom he became the father of Hecate. (Hes. Theog. 377, 409, &c.; Apollod. i. 2. §§ 2, 4.)

2. A son of Perseus and Andromeda, is described as the founder of the Persian nation. (Herod. vii. 611; Apollod. ii. 4. § 5.)

3. A son of Helios and Perse, and brother of Aeetes and Circe. (Apollod. i. 9. § 28; Hygin. Fab. 244.) The Scholiast on Apollonius Rhodius (iii. 200) calls him as well as Perses No. 1, Perseus, and king of Tauris. (Comp. Tzetz. ad Lyc. 1175.)