1. The wife of Icarius, and mother of Penelope. [See ICARIUS.]

2. A daughter of Eurymedon, and by Poseidon the mother of Nausithous. (Hom. Od. vii. 56, &c.)

3. A daughter of Acessamenus, and the mother of Pelagon by the river god Axius. (Hom. Il. xx 142.)

4. A daughter of Alcathous, and the wife of Telamon, by whom she became the mother of Ajax and Teucer. (Apollod. iii. 12. § 7; Paus. i. 42. § 1, 17. § 3.) Some writers call her Eriboea. (Pind. Isthm. vi. 65; Soph. Aj. 566.)

5. A daughter of Hipponous, and the wife of Oeneus, by whom she became the mother of Tydeus. (Apollod. i. 8. § 4; comp. OENEUS.

6. The wife of king Polybus of Corinth. (Apollod. iii. 5. § 7; comp. OEDIPUS.)

7. A daughter of Oceanus and the mother of Aura by the Titan Lelantus.