1. A son of Ares and Protogeneia. (Apollod. i. 7. § 7.)

2. A son of Haemon (according to Apollod. ii. 8. § 3, of Andraemon), and husband of Pieria, by whom he became the father of Aetolus and Laïas. He was descended from a family of Elis, but lived in Aetolia; and when the Dorians invaded Peloponnesus, they, in accordance with an oracle, chose him as one of their leaders. He afterwards became king of Elis, which he conquered. (Paus. v. 3, in fin. 4. § 1, &c.; Aristot. Polite. vi. 2 § 5; Strab. viii. p. 333.)

3. A son of Orius, who became the father of the Hamadryades, by his sister Hamadryas. (Athen. iii. p. 78.)