1. A son of Ares and Demonice, and a brother of Thestius. (Apollod. i. 7. § 7. DEMONICE.)

2. A son of Deucalion, and father of Meriones. (Hom. II. x. 269, xiii. 279; Apollod. iii. 3. § 1; Diod. v. 79; Hygin. Fab. 97; comp. MERIONES.) According to a Cretan legend, he was a son of Minos, and a brother of Deucalion (Diod. l. c.); and it was said, that as he had attempted to violate a nymph, he was afterwards found without a head; for at a certain festival in Crete they showed the image of a man without a head, who was called Molus. (Plut. De Def. Orac. 13.)