1. A daughter of Bellerophontes, became by Zeus the mother of Sarpedon, and was killed by Artemis while she was engaged in weaving. (Hom. Il. vi. 197-205.)

2. A daughter of Acastus, and wife of Protesilaus. As the latter, shortly after his marriage, joined the Greeks in their expedition against Troy, and was the first that was killed there, Laodameia sued for the favour of the gods to be allowed to converse with him only for three hours. The request was granted : Hermes led Protesilaus back to the upper world, and when Protesilaus died a second time, Laodameia died with him. (Ov. Heroid. xiii. Ep. ex Pont. iii. 1, 110; Catull. 64. 74, &c.; Lucian, Dial. Mort. xxiii. 1; Serv. ad Aen. vi. 447.) A later tradition states, that after the second death of Protesilaus, Laodameia made an image of her husband, to which she payed divine honours; but as her father Acastus interfered, and commanded her to burn the image, she herself leaped into the fire. (Hygin. Fab. 103, 104.)

3. A daughter of Amyclas and Diomede, and the mother of Triphylus by Arcas. (Paus. x. 9. § 3.) Some writers call her Leaneira. (Apollod. iii. 9. § 1.)

4. The nurse of Orestes, is also called Arsinoe. (Schol. ad Pind. Pyth. xi. 25; ad Aeschyl. Choeph. 731; comp. ARSINOE.)

5. A daughter of Alcmaeon, and wife of Peleus. (Schol. ad Hom. Il. ii. 684.)