1. A son of Admetus and Alcestis, who vent with eleven ships and warriors from Pherae, Boebe, Glaphyrae, and Iolcus to Troy. He was distinguished for his excellent horses, which had once been under the care of Apollo, and with which Eumelus would have gained the prize at the funeral games of Patroclus, if his chariot had not been broken. He was married to Iphthime, the daughter of Icarius. (Hom. Il. ii. 711, &c. 764, xxiii. 375, 536, Od. iv. 798; Strab. ix. p. 436.)

2. There are three other mythological personages of this name. (Anton. Lib. 15, 18; Paus. vii. 18. § 2.)