A Trojan, a natural son of Anchises and a brother of Eryx. (Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 959.) Previous to the emigration of Aeneias, Elymus and Aegestus had fled from Troy to Sicily, and had settled on the banks of the river Crimisus, in the country of the Sicani. When afterwards Aeneias also arrived there, he built for them the towns of Aegesta and Elyme, and the Trojans who settled in that part of Sicily called themselves Elymi, after Elymus. (Dionys. Hal. A. R. i. 52, &c.) Strabo (xiii. p. 608) calls him Elymnus, and says that lie went to Sicily with Aeneias, and that they together took possession of Eryx and Lilybaeum. Elymus was further believed to have founded Asca and Entella in Sicily. (Virg Aen. v. 73, with Servius's note.)