1. A daughter of the aged Proteus, who instructed Menelaus, in the island of Pharos at the mouth of the river Aegyptus, in what manner he might secure her father and compel him to say in what way he should return home. (Hom. Od. iv. 365, &c.)

2. A nymph of Mount Othrys loved by the god Poseidon, by whom she became the mother of Euseirus. (Anton. Lib. 30.) [See TERAMBUS.]

2. The wife of Phineus. (Schol. ad Soph. Antig. 972.) [See PHINEUS.]

3. A daughter of Oceanus. She and her sisters Althaea (Amaltheia) and Adrasta (Adrasteia) nursed the infant Zeus. (Hygin. Fab. 182.)