The mythical ancestor of the Dorians; he is described either as a son of Hellen, by the nymph Orseïs, and a brother of Xuthus and Aeolus (Apollod. i. 7. § 3; Diod. iv. 60); or as a son of Apollo, by Phthia, and a brother of Laodocus and Polypoites (Apollod. i. 7. § 6), whereas Servius (ad Aen. ii. 27) calls him a son of Poseidon. He is said to have assembled the people which derived its name from him (the Dorians) around him in the neighbourhood of Parnassus. (Strab. viii. p. 383; Herod. i. 56, comp. Müller, Dor. i. 1. § 1.)