Or Daunios).

1. A son of Lycaon in Arcadia, and brother of Iapyx and Peucetius. These three brothers, in conjunction with Illyrians and Messapians, landed on the eastern coast of Italy, expelled the Ausonians, took possession of the country, and divided it into three parts, Daunia, Peucetia, and Messapia. The three tribes together bore the common name Iapygians. (Anton. Lib. 31.)

2. A son of Pilumnus and Danaë, was married to Venilia. He was the father of at least the most ancient among the ancestors of Turnus. (Virg. Aen. ix. 4, and Serv. on ix. 148.)

3. A king of Apulia. He had been obliged to flee from Illyria, his native land, into Apulia, and gave his name to a portion of his new country. (Daunia.) He is said to have hospitably received Diomedes, and to have given him his daughter Euippe in marriage. (Fest. s.v.; Plin. H. N. iii. 11; comp. DIOMEDES.)