1. A son of Aegyptus, murdered by Cleite. (Apollod. ii. 1. § 5.)

2. A son of Mantius, carried off by Eos on account of his extraordinary beauty. (Hom. Od. xv. 250; Eustath. ad Hom. p. 1780.)

3. A son of Peisenor of Troy, slain by Teucrus. (Hom. Il. xv. 445, &c.)

4. The beloved friend of Pallene, who fought with his rival Dryas for the possession of Pallene, and conquered him by the assistance of the maiden. Sithon, the father of Pallene, wanted to punish his daughter, but she was rescued from his hands by Aphrodite, and after Sithon's death she married Cleitus, and the country of Pallene derived its name from her. (Conon, Narrat. 10; Parthen. Erot. 6.)

5. King of the Sithones in Thrace, who gave his daughter Chrysonoe or Torone in marriage to Proteus, who had come to Thrace from Egypt. (Conon, Narrat. 32.)

6. [See MYRMIDON.]