1. A king of Eleusis, and husband of Metaneira. When Demeter, on her wanderings in search of her daughter, came to Eleusis, she stayed in the house of Celeus. The goddess wished to make his son Demophon immortal, and, in order to destroy his mortal parts, she put him at night into the fire; but Metaneira, ignorant of the object, screamed aloud on seeing her child in the fire, and Demophon was destroyed by the flames. Demeter, to make up for the loss, bestowed great favours upon Triptolemus, the other son of Celeus. (Apollod. i. 5. § 1; see TRIPTOLEMUS.) Celeus is described as the first priest of Demeter at Eleusis, and his daughters as priestesses of the goddess. (Hom. Hym. in Dem. 101, &c.; Paus. i. 38. § 3, ii. 14. § 2.)

2. There is another mythical personage of this name. (Anton. Lib. 1.9 ) [See LAIUS, No. 2.]