1. A daughter of Teucer or of Tros (Steph. Byz. s. v. Dardanos), the wife of Dardanus, and mother of Ilus and Erichthonius. The town of Bateia in Troas was believed to have derived its name from her. (Arrian, ap. Eustath. ad Horn. p. 351.) Tzetzes (ad Lycoph. 29) calls her a sister Scamander, the father of Teucer by the nymph Idaea; and in another passage (ad Lycoph. 1298) he calls the daughter of Teucer, who married Dardanus, by the name of Arisbe, and describes Erichthonius as her son, and Ilus as her grandson.

2. A Naiad of the name of Bateia occurs in Apollodorus. (iii. 10. § 4.) She was the wife of the Spartan king Oebalus.