1. A daughter of Ares and Agraulos, the daughter of Cecrops. Halirrhothius, the son of Poseidon, intended to violate her, but was surprised by Ares, and killed, for which Poseidon bore a grudge against Ares. (Paus. i. 21. § 7; Apollod. iii. 14. § 2.)

2. A maiden, who was dishonoured by her own brother, Astraeus, unwittingly. When Astraeus became aware of his deed, he threw himself into a river, which received from him the name of Astraeus, but was afterwards called Caicus. (Plut. De Flux. 21.)

3. Other personages of this name are mentioned in Apollod. iii. 15. § 8; Diod. iv. 16; Eustath. ad Hom. p. 776; Hom. Od. iv. 124. [See ALCYONIDES.]