1. The most beautiful of the Naiads, daughter of Zeus and Neaera (Virg. Eclog. vi. 20), by whom Helios begot the Charites. (Paus. ix. 35. § 1.)

2. A sister of Phaeton, and daughter of Helios and Clymene. (Hygin. Fab 154, 156.) In her grief at the death of her brother she and her sisters were changed into poplars.

3. One of the Hesperides. (Apollod. ii. 5. § 11; Serv. ad Aen. iv. 484; comp. HESPERIDES.)

4. A nymph, daughter of Panopeus, who was beloved by Theseus, and for whom he forsook Ariadne. (Plut. Thes. 20; Athen. xiii. p. 557.)

4. One of the daughters of Aesculapius (Plin. H. N. xxxv. 40. § 31) by Lampetia, the daughter of the Sun, according to Hermippus (ap. Schol. in Aristoph. Plut. 701), or by Epione, according to Suidas. (s. v. Êpionê.) She is said to have derived her name Aegle, "Brightness," or "Splendour," either from the beauty of the human body when in good health, or from the honour paid to the medical profession.